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Basic Notary Public Information

Why Should I Become a Notary Public?

There are many reasons you might want to become a Notary Public, but economics is the most compelling one.

If you're already employed, becoming a Notary is value added to almost any position, especially in an office. If you are the in-house Notary, you are more valuable. This is particularly useful when layoffs come. All things being equal, the fact that you are a Notary will literally tip the scale in your favor. Also, since the officers of the company are usually the ones who will need notarizations, you become known to those with the most power.

If you are self-employed, this can also be a great add-on to whatever your business might be. It can be a totally separate money-maker, or just a convenience that keeps customers coming back to you.

As a stand-alone business, being a Mobile Notary makes a lot of sense, particularly if you want to start a home-based business. All the details are covered in the next section of this website. Being a Notary Loan Signing Agent, can be a part of your Mobile Notary business and also is covered in its own section.

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notary loan signing agent training and certification
      Notary Loan Signing Agent
      Comprehensive Certification Course
      & Reference Manual

      212 pages, including a final exam
PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to be a Notary Public to train for this career and become certified, so you can start training immediately. However, you do need to become a Notary Public before you can actually perform notarized loan signings. Becoming a Notary Public for your state is independent of this course. Also, most states allow loan signing agents to assist in closing loans, but not all of them do. Before you order this course, be sure to check and see if your state allows loan signing agents to assist in closing loans. Go to the state links for instructions on how to become a Notary Public in your state.

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notary loan signing agent training and certification course